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Watts LED Lights are not the average. Not only do they have the standard Red, Green, and Blue LED's, but our lights are also built with a luxurious warm white LED that allows for an amazing architectural accent throughout the year.

Watts Lights have been enhanced with state-of-the-art technology to have the most vivid colors & controls, be the brightest allowed by municipal light pollution bylaws, and to be safe for your family.

Watts Smart Lighting Permanent Christmas Lights and Landscaping Lights

The Watts LED Advantage


Not every LED pixel light is made the same.

With all Watts LED Pixel lights, we first focused on even concentration of colors. We accomplished this by using 3 individual LED chips, all that also have 4 individual LED colors loaded on each chip. This means that we have a total of 12 LED light segments on every Pixel Light, bringing the most vivid and bright colors possible with even saturation.

The Most Colors

Watts LED Pixel Lights are technically capable of 16.7 million colors. However; the reality is, not only is it difficult for the human eye to see the difference between that many colors, but the interfaces to be able to load each color on the lights also creates a limitation in order to make the lights more user friendly.

Fused & Certified

One of the biggest things that set us apart is certification and fused protection. While others like to show their lights are certified, if everything else that the lights are attached to are not certified and protected then the entire point of the certification goes out the window. Our lights, and entire system, is certified end-to-end.

Our lights also have built in surge protection to help improve their life span and make them even safer on your home VS competition. Our lights are truly the safest on the market! All our installed products meet full CSA regulations.


With this style of lighting system, the water tightness of the product is only important if you are splicing and soldering wires. Done correctly, with proven landscape, water tight connectors ensure no failure and a lighting product that can thrown into a swimming pool and still work perfectly.

Our lights maintain an new an improved IP68 rating, and when installed in our tracks, gain even more water and dust protection. You never have to worry about weather, water, or dust causing an issue with your lights.

Bright & Vivid

While some competitors like to say they are "The Brightest" that is not a claim we even want to make. Our lights are VERY bright, and are built in a way to be compliant with most municipal bylaws on light pollution (whether in a large municipal area or in the country).

Data shows that most customers enjoy their lights with a turned down brightness. At full brightess, the lights can be intrusive on your neighbours. Our lights are designed to focus down along the house and not spread out.

Our system has also been enhanced with segmented brightness control allowing you to stlil gain control over the brightess of all lights at once, but ensuring that certain areas are always slightly dimmer like on the side of a house where your neighbour may have windows.

Single Connected Lights

Our lights are all connected one-by-one. This is important, and all premium brands ensure this same type of connector for a reason. The ability to service your lights down the road if a warranty issue ever occurs is important to us. If your system is out of warranty, ensuring a low-cost replacement is even more important to us.

Price is the reason that most companies decide to start soldering connectors. The IP68 connectors we use are 80% of the cost of each light. It is important to us that we spend a bit more here, to help reduce labour and bring the rest of the cost of the system down so that our lights are the most affordable on the market, while still maintaining the highest quality. A few pennies on the lights, means saving you HOURS in install and warranty issues in the future.

Our connectors are all proven, landscape wires that have been used all over the world for decades. They are PROVEN and DO NOT FAIL like soldering or splicing can. Splicing and soldering brings in the possibility of issues on site during install. Not just with failure or water penetration, but also with RF and EMF interference causing your lights to not behave as intended.

Safe in the Cold

Our lights are VERY versatile in cold weather. Our lighting product has a new and improved -50°c rating! The truth is though, because our lights are installed in a track and all our wiring is kept clean and tied down, the cold rating matters more for installation than it does over time. Our lights can be frozen in a block of ice and still function without any issue! You never have to worry about the cold weather causing issues with your Watts Lights.

Fire Rated

One of the most common questions we get asked about our lights is how safe they are. This was a HUGE focus for us when developing our lights. It is KEY that our lights are as safe as possible, and when we are told "that is good enough" we need to always take it a step further for redundancy!

Our lights are FULLY CSA certified to be safe on your home, and we have exceeded every requirement we could, not just meet the bare minimum. We are also currently getting a formal approval our V-0 (UL 94) certified fireproof rating. What this means, is that not only can't our lights start a fire, but if they are IN an existing fire they won't help spread the fire, as our lights will auto-extinguish within 10 seconds and not drop burning plastic in an instance of a fire.

Cost Effective

Our lights are some of the most cost effective LED pixel lights on the planet. They way in which we control the lights, also adds even less power usage over more competitors systems. While each light is technically rated at 0.72watts each, most customers run their systems at less than 0.3watts per light on average. Most systems, use less than a traditional 60w bulb and our convenient control times make our system even more efficient! Watts lights are truly a green ambiant lighting product.

The Longest Runtime

Our lights are built to last! Our lights are rated for a solid 50,000 hours before they need to be replaced, or before you should start to have issues. It is VERY rare that customers have issues with lights down the road. Generally, any issue with a dead light will be caused by the installation process itself. Our lights are the best in the industry to ensure that you have a safe and long-lasting investment in your lights.



Watts was recently invited to do a presentation in regard to permanent LED soffit lighting system for the Safety Codes Council sub-council.

Being on the forefront of safety and ensuring our customers have protection is absolute key to us here at Watts. It was our goal to have a voice and help ensure that there is a unified approach to these lighting products across Alberta and soon, across Canada.

Unfortunately, this industry has very little regulation and being on the forefront of safety and the technology has allowed us to work with governing bodies to ensure that our industry as whole gets more regulations and safety to help protect consumers buying this type of product.

When buying a product like ours, whether from us or someone else, ensure they can PROVE their certifications. Currently, we are aware of 12 companies that are operating and stating they are certified, when they are not, and that needs to change.