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Welcome to Watts Lights.
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Watts Lights started with a couple of guys who were tired of climbing 30 feet in the air, twice a year to put up and take down Christmas Lights.

What started as just a simple chat with friends over an online get together during Covid quickly became a realization that our unique skill sets and experience would be perfectly suited for this industry.

At Watts, our vision isn’t just to install lights and help people light up their homes for security, individuality, accenting architecture and landscaping nor lighting up to be festive during holidays.

Our vision reaches far beyond this with an idea to help make people’s lives easier using advanced smart technologies while the world around us gets busier and crazier every day.

Our goal is to launch several products, at affordable prices, that go beyond the big tech brands who are more interested in collecting our data than they are improving our lives.

The technology is readily available. It is abundant. What is missing is a company to help tie it all together in an easy to understand and convenient way.

Our goal at Watts is to do just that. Follow us on our journey with our first product that is revolutionizing the Smart LED Home Exterior Lighting market.

Watts Exterior LED Lighting System

Two of our founders have had smart LED lights on their homes for years. We were tired of constantly having issues with the app, and having to wait years for product updates just to get the features that should have been standard from day 1.

Our goal with our lighting product is to improve on what is already available in the industry. With years of struggling with features and issues on the lights we had already purchased, we were able to build a better, more robust, and easier to use solution that what is currently on the market.

Safety Is Our Primary Concern

One thing we learned very quickly getting into this market in Calgary, was that there are a lot of people entering this market with their products that are taking advantage of consumers.

Knowing this, our first goal was to start meeting with municipalities across Alberta to better understand the regulations and requirements. We quickly created a partnership with Intertek (owner of the ETL certification) to ensure our products weren’t only meeting current industry requirements but rather exceeding them.

What we discovered going down this process, is that this is not the sort of business that can be done as a small local business only. The costs and regulations are extensive currently there are a lot of guys that are just simply buying non-certified products off of Amazon and putting them on people’s home which is not only a risk to that home owner but to our industry as a whole.

Our goal as a company is to spread awareness on that fact that while these products may be low voltage, they are permanently mounted and do need to be protected from any chance of a short, which could cause a fire.

This is why it is very important to us to not just meet the requirements but help exceed them and work with the cities to raise the bar on what is required to install these lights.

Simply gluing LED Strip lights to a home, and mounting a power supply on the side of a house is not good enough. Safety is our primary concern and what drives Watts to be better.

You Can’t Beat Experience

Our team is not new to startups. We knew from the get go, that if we were going to do this and rocket forward, we needed the right people.

This product, and our goals as a company, require a perfect blend of trades and construction experience, business acumen, and technology backing.

Our board is made up of former C-suite executives from various industries which has allowed us to have the perfect combination of construction experience, tech and retail consumer electronics experience, and business startup including public company board experience. From our master electrician to our CEO, we have a truly unique group of extremely experienced executives.