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What's Up with Watts?

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Preset Wheel Of Fun!!

March 07 2023

Ever just stared blankly at your list of presets going .... "Hrmm... which one should I choose tonight?"
No? Just me? Ok, well we solved that problem for you anyways!!

Introducing the new Watts Random Preset Selector Wheel Of Awesome Fun Time!

From any preset folder, you can now press the "Spin The Wheel" button at the bottom of each folder and let your Watts 2.0 App select a fun preset at random!

We even including a nice user interface showing a Wheel of Furtune style wheel spinning and stopping on a random preset.

Not sure which folder to use?? Oh, don't worry! We solved that also!!!

In the main preset screen showing all folders we included the wheel there as well. Press it and we will automatically scan all folders and grab a random preset for you!

This feature is currently exclusive to Watts Lights! If your neighbors don't have Watts, don't worry. Show off, have fun, and tell them they can upgrade to Watts also if they want ;)

Preset Sharing!

March 02 2023

It is here! We teased it, we talked about it, we did it!

Watts is proud to announce one of the coolest features in the LED lighting space, especially for those of us with parents and friends that also own a Watts Lights system.

You can now send any of your favorite customer presets to another user directly in our app. No need to download, and send them. Simply open your app, go to presets, fine your favorite custom preset and send it to your friend by typing in their email and a nice message.

Your friend will instantly get a notification and your message and you can choose to accept or ignore the preset. Accepting it will instantly add it to your customer preset list to use on schedules or whenever you feel like it!


Rosanna Farrell
We had our lights installed by Watts last month and we were thrilled with the entire experience. They contacted me very promptly after my initial enquiry and were able to provide me with a very competitive quote right away. They were able to fit us in for the install much sooner than expected. On installation day one member of the two-man crew wasn't available. That poor guy worked solo all day in the freezing cold and busted his butt to try to complete the job. Unfortunately it just wasn't possible to complete alone in one day, but he came back the next day to finish it off. The final product looks absolutely amazing. The lights are centered perfectly, no wires visible. They had to work around some finicky details of our roof-line and it looks impeccable! As other reviews have said there's some room for improvement in the app, but for our purposes it's totally fine. I'll be interested to see what's available in the next update though. Thanks so much for the great experience and product!
Ryan LeMaire
Really happy with them. The service was top notch. I would highly recommend them.
Tyler Johnson
Awesome lights! Fantastic customer service. Loving the look of the lights, couldn’t be happier with the installation.
Sarah Shular
We had a great experience with Watts lights. They were able to install and show us how to use the system before Christmas. The Tech's were very knowledgeable and helpful explaining. Our house looks great, can't wait to use it for different occasions. Dealing with Jamie was great and he was very helpful with the processes.
Rick Royer
Injured my shoulder at work so am unable to climb ladders to put up lighting again for Christmas, besides hating that chore anyway Lol. So we decided to go with permanent Christmas/decorative lighting on our house. I got a few quotes and what sold me on Watts was Duncan, their sales rep and the pricing was way cheaper for the same product. Duncan was very friendly, helpful, open and honest about their product and installs. I have a background in electronics so had some tough questions for him and he sailed through them making me very at ease with their product. As I mentioned, the price was excellent compared to others and I even got a couple neighbors to purchase as well as a friends home owners assoc to look at buying as a group. I had to fly back to work and asked the scheduling lady to give me an earlier date if possible. She bent over backward to ask another customer to swap dates and she got me in a day earlier. The installer, Mark, did an amazing job in truly awful weather conditions. He stayed to educate my wife and I on the app and when I had questions, got answers and fixed any issues as soon as he could. There was a couple more issues that popped up after the install, but Mark stayed the course and came back and resolved everything to our satisfaction. My wife sent me pics of the finished product and Wow, what an amazing addition to our home. All my family and coworkers are very impressed. Some have even asked for their contact info to enquire for their homes. Lastly, I was reassured by both Mark and Duncan that the company is already looking to upgrade the systems and app, so I look forward to the added features. All in all, our experience with Watts has been fantastic and I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and family. Thank you guys one and all and Merry Christmas! Cheers! The Royers.
jeremy hopfner
Product is great - Really happy with it. They are working on and improving the app so excited for that. Overall, I am rating the 5star on the product iteself, really well, happy. Thank you
Glen Cadoret
The lights look great and are quite customizable, but the supplied app still needs improvement. Often, when quickly changing between user-generated scenes, the system will get confused or the Android app will crash and I have to turn off everything and restart the app. IMHO, the LED controller firmware and the app still need more fine tuning. EDIT: Added a star and updated my review based on positive response (and email) from the company. They say there is an update to the app coming (no set date for it) - I will update my review when it gets released.
Evan Kempin
First off, the lights look and work awesome. Second, their whole process is great. Third, the lights look and work awesome. From start to finish, everything went great. Had a small programming hiccup after install and they showed up the next day to correct it. Couldn't be happier. Highly highly recommend
Vanessa Sanchez
Our kids are mesmerized and love playing around with various colours! We have had many compliments from neighbors and guests and we love keeping them on every day! Thanks guys!