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Watts Lights in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Watts Lights would love to be a part of Winnipeg’s unique culture especially more so as it is the home town of one of Watt’s founders!

If you have been thinking about accenting your home and or business with a permanent LED lighting system then Watts Lighting is here and we would love to come to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Please complete the form below to let us know that you are interested and Watts would be in touch with you!

Winnipeg, also known as “the Peg”, “Chicago of the North”, “Slurpee Capital of the World”, “Winnerpeg” and it’s also known as a “Gateway To The West”, a railway transportation hub with a diversified economy. Winnipeg is also a culturally diverse city with more than 100 languages and nationalities represented throughout the region. Watts LED Lighting system would be a perfect fit in Winnipeg and allow its residents to express themselves through colour.

Winnipeg’s Exchange District has a flourishing art scene, beautiful heritage buildings, and character neighborhoods. Winnipeg is also known as the world’s only pop-up restaurant on a frozen river, not to mention the huge choice of global cuisine thanks to Winnipeg’s diverse cultures!

Watts LED Lighting system is not just for holidays like Christmas but our lighting system can be used year round to express your individuality, light up your home in a unique architectural way. Watts lighting system is also a great way to light up your home for security purposes as well.

Watts LED Lighting system can also be installed at the back of your home as well as a backyard pergola for added landscaping accent lights to spend those warm summer nights outside enjoying your home!

Light pollution is becoming very important and this term is generally used when there is excessive or obtrusive artificial light. Watts Lights is also very cognizant of light pollution and you would be please to know that Watt’s Lights custom app allows you to not only set timers for when you would like to have your lights on and off as well as the capability of making your lights dimmable to be respectful to your neighbors and the surrounding environment.

If you would like Watts to come to Winnipeg, specifically then please take the time to complete the request form below!