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Watts Lights In Winnipeg, MB

Hello, Winnipeg! Watts Lights is enthralled to spread its radiant luminescence across the “Gateway to the West,” beautifully blending with your local luminous highlights to craft the signature Watts Colorful Experience!

Winnipeg, where the Red and Assiniboine rivers converge, is a nexus of cultures, history, and spirited energy. As night falls, the city’s iconic Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge becomes a gleaming pathway, its lights reflecting off the tranquil river waters, creating a dance of shimmer and shadow.

The historic Exchange District, with its early 20th-century architecture, is a visual delight as ambient lights cast a warm glow on its storied brick facades, recalling tales of a bustling era gone by. Winter ushers in the mesmerizing ‘Festival du Voyageur’, Canada’s largest winter festival, where the city comes alive with illuminations, ice sculptures, and festive celebrations, all set against Winnipeg’s snowy backdrop.

Beyond its urban heart, Winnipeg is a hub of art and culture. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, with its striking architecture, utilizes evocative lighting to accentuate its exhibits, guiding visitors through a luminous journey of inspiration and reflection.

After indulging in Winnipeg’s illuminated splendors, perhaps after an evening enjoying the arts at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre or strolling through the Forks National Historic Site, let your home resonate with the city’s radiant charm through Watts Lights. More than just light fixtures, our lights are a symphony of luxurious warm white LED and a spectrum of 16 million colors, accentuated by over 650 presets. While Winnipeg sparkles with its unique brilliance, Watts Lights ensure every home can capture a slice of that luminous magic.

Masterfully crafted to integrate into your soffit during daylight, our lights emerge as the evening’s luminous protagonists. With the innovative Watts app, as the prairie night blankets Winnipeg, you’re at the helm of your own radiant story, orchestrating moods and patterns that mirror Winnipeg’s vibrant spirit, always in harmony with the community.