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Watts Lights in Vernon, BC

Hey there, fellow luminaries! Fancy a radiant tour of Vernon with Watts Lights as your guide? Grab your metaphorical sun hats, because we’re about to make Vernon shine even brighter!

Vernon, nestled in the stunning North Okanagan Valley, is a place where lakes glisten, hills roll, and vineyards thrive. But guess what? After the sun kisses Kalamalka Lake ‘goodnight’ and the stars begin their nightly dance, Vernon still sparkles – and we’re here to amp up that sparkle!

Ever had a twilight picnic by Okanagan Lake? As you lay back, snacks in hand, and look up at the silhouetted mountains, imagine a soft glow enveloping you, making the experience even cozier. Or think of downtown Vernon, where arts, culture, and lights meld into a harmonious blend. Every mural, every café, every street corner comes alive in the evening’s embrace.

Now, picture your Vernon home bathed in this same radiant elegance. Watts Lights aren’t just about visibility; they’re about crafting memories. Whether it’s a garden party with laughter echoing or a serene evening watching snowfall, our lights mold the moment. And with our oh-so-handy app, you’ve got a spectrum of moods right at your fingertips. Ready to dazzle?

So, Vernon, let’s dance in the luminescence together, and make every nook and cranny of this beautiful town gleam. From vineyard soirées to lakeside dawns, let’s illuminate our moments.