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Watts Lights in Swift Current

Hello, Swift Current! Watts Lights is eager to cast its vibrant glow across this gateway to the Prairies, harmonizing with your local lighting traditions to deliver the signature Watts Colorful Experience!

Swift Current, cradled by the vast Saskatchewan landscapes, is a beacon of community spirit and natural beauty. The city’s charming downtown, with its historic buildings, subtly glows under the ambient streetlights, providing a serene backdrop for evening strolls by the locals and visitors.

The Living Sky Casino, a hub of entertainment in the city, dazzles not only with its gaming excitement but also with its artful illumination, adding a touch of glamour to Swift Current’s nightscape. As seasons shift and winter approaches, the city’s festive spirit shines through, with homes and businesses adorned in twinkling lights, reflecting off the snow-blanketed ground.

Beyond its urban charm, Swift Current’s Kinetic Park is a testament to the city’s love for events and celebrations. Whether it’s the annual Frontier Days or other community gatherings, strategic lighting often enhances the experience, creating a dance of shadows and luminance against the vast Prairie skies.

After relishing the illuminated delights of Swift Current or perhaps enjoying a nighttime event at the Lyric Theatre, let your sanctuary glow with the sophisticated brilliance of Watts Lights. More than decorative fixtures, our lights weave a luxurious warm white LED with a kaleidoscope of 16 million colors, enriched by over 650 presets. While Swift Current has its own radiant charm, Watts Lights ensures every home becomes a beacon of warmth and elegance.

Subtly nestled into your soffit during daylight, our lights emerge as stars of the show at dusk. Using the intuitive Watts app, as the Prairie night engulfs Swift Current, you hold the reins to your own luminous symphony, curating schedules and ambiances that resonate with this city’s unique glow, always mindful of the communal spirit