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Watts Lights in St. Johns

Hello, St. Johns! Watts Lights is thrilled to illuminate your neighborhood with the Watts Colorful Experience!

The Avalon Peninsula, a place steeped in tradition, is renowned for its lively cultural calendar. Here, the vibrant George Street festivals breathe life into the city, where locals and visitors alike revel in music, food, and camaraderie. The Newfoundland City Orchestra adds a symphonic note to the city’s cultural tapestry, enchanting audiences with their melodious performances.

As winter blankets the city, the Port De Grave Christmas Boat Lighting festival takes center stage, transforming the harbor into a glittering wonderland. Oktoberfest brings a taste of Bavaria to St. Johns, where hearty cheers and laughter fill the air. Meanwhile, the Festival of Music and Lights graces the trees and pathways surrounding the tranquil Duck Pond in Bowring Park, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

St. Johns is also celebrated for its iconic Jellybean Row, a kaleidoscope of colorful homes that paint a picturesque backdrop to daily life. The city’s thriving art scene is equally captivating, boasting an impressive number of galleries that far exceed the national average, making it a true haven for art enthusiasts.

After immersing yourself in the city’s rich cultural offerings or cheering on your favorite hockey team, come home to the warm embrace of Watts Lights. These lights are not just seasonal decorations; they are a symphony of a luxurious warm white LED and a palette of 16 million colors, accompanied by over 650 presets. They add an elegant architectural touch to your home while ensuring year-round safety for your property.

Watts Lights are ingeniously designed to blend seamlessly into your soffit, maintaining an almost invisible presence during daylight hours. With the advanced Watts app, you have the power to schedule your lights to automatically illuminate your evenings and even adjust their brightness to suit your preferences, all while being considerate of your neighbors.