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Watts Lights in Santa Clara, California

Hello, Santa Clara! Watts Lights is thrilled to cast its brilliant radiance across the “Mission City,” harmoniously melding with your local luminous wonders to present the signature Watts Colorful Experience!

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara shines as a beacon of innovation and history. The iconic Santa Clara University, with its Mission Santa Clara de Asís, stands majestically, its storied architecture often highlighted by artful lighting, making it a serene nighttime landmark in the city’s landscape.

Levi’s Stadium, home to electrifying football games, lights up the Santa Clara skyline, not just with its towering floodlights but also the vibrant energy it brings during nighttime events. As technology pulsates through Santa Clara’s veins, the annual ‘Illuminate’ festival is a testament to this, where light installations and digital art paint the town in a myriad of colors, showcasing the city’s fusion of history and innovation.

Amidst its modernity, Santa Clara reveres its traditions. The Triton Museum of Art beautifully uses ambient lighting to accentuate its exhibits, narrating tales of art and culture. And when December arrives, Central Park turns into a festive fairyland, with the ‘Holiday Tree Lighting’ ceremony igniting the festive spirit in every Santa Claran heart.

After diving into the luminous allure of Santa Clara, or perhaps after a vibrant event at the California’s Great America theme park, let your dwelling revel in the opulent glow of Watts Lights. More than mere fixtures, our lights perfectly blend a luxurious warm white LED with an expansive spectrum of 16 million colors, amplified by over 650 presets. While Santa Clara boasts iconic lighting spectacles, with Watts Lights, every home can radiate its unique luminary magic.

Tastefully integrated into your soffit by day, our lights wait patiently for dusk. With the cutting-edge Watts app, as night envelopes Santa Clara, you gain the power to choreograph a lighting symphony, crafting schedules and atmospheres that resonate with Santa Clara’s brilliant essence, always keeping neighborly harmony in mind.