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Watts Lights in Richland, Washington

Hello, Richland! Watts Lights is eager to shine its radiant beams across the “City of the Rivers,” intertwining seamlessly with your local lighting marvels to craft the ultimate Watts Colorful Experience!

Richland, cradled by the confluence of the Yakima and Columbia Rivers, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and scientific discovery. Howard Amon Park, a serene riverside haven, comes alive after dark with pathways gently illuminated, guiding evening strolls along the water’s edge. And when the mighty rivers reflect the city lights, it’s a dance of nature and technology that captures the heart.

As the Hanford Site stands as a testament to Richland’s pivotal role in atomic history, its old B Reactor tours are complemented by thoughtful lighting designs, highlighting the profound impact of this city on global events. While the atomic legacy shines bright, the annual ‘Winter Wonderland’ festival adds its own luminous touch. The streets of Richland gleam with festive lights, making the city a glowing jewel against the winter night.

Beyond its historical significance, Richland embraces a vibrant cultural scene. The Richland Players Theater, for instance, combines compelling performances with evocative lighting effects, creating memorable experiences for its audience.

After soaking in the illuminated beauty of Richland or perhaps attending a nighttime event at the John Dam Plaza, let your home bask in the brilliant embrace of Watts Lights. More than just adornments, our lights seamlessly fuse a luxurious warm white LED with a spectrum of 16 million colors, underpinned by over 650 presets. Richland might have its iconic lights, but with Watts Lights, every residence can boast its personal luminary spectacle.

Designed to blend with your home’s aesthetics, our lights reside inconspicuously in your soffit during the day. Yet, with the state-of-the-art Watts app, as night falls, you take the baton to direct your very own light show, setting schedules and moods that echo Richland’s radiant charm, all the while remaining a considerate neighbor.