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Watts Lights in Regina, Saskatchewan

Hello to all the Regina fans and luminous lovers out there! Who’s up for adding a radiant touch to our grand ‘Queen City’? With Watts Lights as our trusty companion, Regina is set to shimmer even more brilliantly.

Regina, with its regal name and heart full of community spirit, is truly a gem of the prairies. Wascana Lake, anyone? By day, it’s a hub of activity, and as night descends, imagine the gentle glow of lights dancing upon its waters, making every ripple sparkle.

Downtown Regina, with its blend of historic charm and modern flair, beckons as evening sets. The Victoria Park lanterns casting long, artistic shadows, and the bustling Scarth Street turning into a corridor of lights and life. It’s pure visual poetry!

After a day of museum-hopping or perhaps catching a Roughriders game, imagine returning to a home bathed in the golden glow of Watts Lights. It’s not just about brightness; it’s a mood, an ambiance. And the cherry on top? Our handy app lets you customize your lighting vibe to match every Regina evening. So, whether it’s a tranquil night in or a garden party with pals, we’ve got the perfect hue for you.