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Watts Lights in Ottawa

Hello, Ottawa! Watts Lights is very excited to spread its radiant beams across Canada’s capital, effortlessly blending with your local luminous heritage to craft the unmatched Watts Colorful Experience!

Ottawa, where historical grandeur meets modern elegance, is truly a city that glows. Parliament Hill, an iconic symbol of Canada’s rich heritage, is a sight to behold when illuminated at night, casting reflections on the shimmering Ottawa River. The nightly ‘Northern Lights’ sound and light show on the Hill is a testament to the city’s fusion of history, art, and technology, narrating tales of Canada in a spectacle of brilliance.

The ByWard Market, one of the country’s oldest and largest public markets, comes alive as the sun sets. The blend of ambient streetlights, glowing storefronts, and bustling patios creates an atmosphere of warmth and vibrancy. As winter’s grip takes hold, the city’s love for illumination becomes even more evident with ‘Christmas Lights Across Canada.’ Majestic lightscapes turn the capital’s core into a winter wonderland, with each light telling tales of festivity and unity.

Beyond its political prowess, Ottawa boasts a thriving cultural scene. The National Arts Centre, with its world-class performances, employs nuanced lighting to elevate each act, offering audiences an experience that’s both visually and auditorily mesmerizing.

After indulging in Ottawa’s illuminated wonders or perhaps taking a moonlit skate on the Rideau Canal, let your home shimmer with the sophisticated elegance of Watts Lights. These aren’t just fixtures; they’re a harmonious blend of luxurious warm white LED with a spectrum of 16 million colors, heightened by over 650 presets. Ottawa may have its monumental lighting displays, but with Watts Lights, every dwelling can emulate the capital’s radiant charm.

Crafted to be discreetly integrated into your soffit by day, our lights become the evening’s centerpiece. With the pioneering Watts app, as night blankets Ottawa, you can craft a bespoke luminary narrative, setting moods and schedules that echo the city’s radiant heart, always in sync with the capital’s communal spirit.