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Watts Lights in Okotoks

Hello, fellow light enthusiasts! Ready to sprinkle some Watts Lights magic over the charming town of Okotoks? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a luminous adventure together!

Okotoks, with its name derived from the Blackfoot First Nation word for ‘rock’ – and yep, we’re nodding at the famous Big Rock – has stories and charisma in spades. But you know what can add to its charm? A little twinkle, a little shimmer, and a whole lot of glow.

Have you ever meandered along the Sheep River after dark? The subtle play of lights on the water’s surface is nothing short of enchanting. And those historic downtown buildings? They wear the evening lights like elegant accessories, giving a timeless aura to our lovely town.

Imagine, after a day of exploring Olde Towne Okotoks or cheering on the Dawgs at a baseball game, you arrive home to your personal oasis of illumination. With Watts Lights, you’re not just switching on bulbs; you’re painting moments. Whether it’s a barbecue with neighbours or a serene evening in, our lights set the perfect ambiance. And guess what? With our user-friendly app, you can tailor each evening to your mood. Disco party, anyone?

So, Okotoks, let’s unite and dial up our town’s luminosity. Together, we’ll make our nights as legendary as our Big Rock!