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Watts Lights in Nanaimo, BC

Hello, Nanaimo! Watts Lights is elated to extend its radiant embrace over the “Harbour City,” blending harmoniously with your local luminous wonders to create the inimitable Watts Colorful Experience!

Nanaimo, cradled by the tranquil waters of the Salish Sea, is a jewel of Vancouver Island. The city’s waterfront, with its bustling harbor and serene walkways, takes on a magical aura as evening lights dance upon the waves, turning the coastline into a shimmering tapestry of reflections.

The iconic Bastion, standing proudly as a testament to Nanaimo’s rich history, becomes even more evocative under the soft glow of nighttime illumination, drawing residents and visitors alike into tales of yesteryears. The city’s vibrant arts scene, especially during events like the ‘Nanaimo International Jazz Festival,’ is accentuated by intricate lighting designs that elevate performances and create an immersive ambiance for all.

Beyond its coastal allure, Nanaimo’s numerous parks, including the expansive Bowen Park, occasionally become venues for nighttime gatherings. Ambient lighting guides visitors through nature’s beauty, allowing the serene landscapes to be admired even under the moonlit sky.

After soaking in the illuminated wonders of Nanaimo, perhaps following an evening stroll along the Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park or enjoying the city’s famed dessert, the Nanaimo bar, in a cozy café, let your home echo the city’s radiant essence with Watts Lights. More than mere fixtures, our lights perfectly blend a luxurious warm white LED with an expansive spectrum of 16 million colors, brought to life by over 650 presets. While Nanaimo boasts its natural and cultural luminosity, Watts Lights ensures that every dwelling can exude its own unique brilliance.

Elegantly crafted to nestle discreetly into your soffit by day, our lights blossom with radiance as dusk descends upon Nanaimo. With the state-of-the-art Watts app, as the coastal night deepens, you’re empowered to choreograph your own luminous ballet, shaping atmospheres and rhythms that resonate with Nanaimo’s glowing heart, ever mindful of the community spirit.