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Watts Lights in Medicine Hat

Hey there! Let’s take a luminous journey with Watts Lights in Medicine Hat, often lovingly called ‘The Hat’, with the sparkling touch of Watts Lights. Our lights are all about blending with the local vibes, making every night in Medicine Hat feel like its very own festival.

First off, can we chat about how cool it is that Medicine Hat gets more sunshine than any other Canadian city?! The sun sure loves this place, and as it sets, we’re here to take the baton and light up the night. And speaking of lights, how about those gorgeous Gaslight Plaza lamps? They give a nod to the town’s natural gas reserves, and we’re here for that glowing history.

Sauntering along the South Saskatchewan River? The gentle lighting along the trails makes evening walks feel like you’re in a fairy tale. And the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre? It’s not just the performances inside that shine. The architectural lighting makes the building stand out like a beacon of culture.

Now, imagine bringing a bit of that Medicine Hat magic to your own backyard or living room. Our lights aren’t just about brightness; they’re about setting the mood. From a cozy warm white LED for those chill evenings to a riot of colours for when you’re feeling festive, we’ve got you covered. And with our nifty app, you can switch up the vibes whenever you like!

So, here’s to lighting up the Gas City and making Medicine Hat homes glow, inside and out. Let’s make every evening special together!