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Watts Lights in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Hey there, Alberta! Ready to explore the luminous side of Fort McMurray with a little help from Watts Lights? Let’s embark on this journey together, painting the town with hues of brilliance, one light at a time.

Now, when you think of Fort McMurray, the Northern Lights might spring to mind – and why wouldn’t they? Those dancing celestial curtains are the town’s natural light show. But why limit the light spectacle to just the heavens? We’re here to bring a bit of that Aurora magic to ground level.

From the bustling streets to the quiet neighborhoods, the spirit of ‘Fort Mac’ shines through, day and night. Have you taken a late-night stroll by the Snye? The way the water reflects the town’s lights – it’s like a mirror to the soul of the community. And then there’s MacDonald Island Park, where the sports, arts, and cultural events radiate energy, not to mention the shimmering lights once the sun goes down.

Picture this: after a day out in Fort Mac, maybe after exploring the oil sands or cheering on a local sports team, you head home to a light show of your own. Watts Lights aren’t just bulbs; they’re a mood. Whether you’re setting up a backyard BBQ or cozying up with a good book, we’ve got the perfect hue for you. And with our snazzy app, you’re the maestro of your own light orchestra.

So, Fort McMurray, let’s team up and make every corner of this town twinkle. Here’s to brighter nights and memories that’ll light up a lifetime!