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Watts Lights in Denver, Colorado

Hey there, Denver! It’s Watts Lights here, and we’re so stoked to light up the Mile-High City with our signature touch. And let me tell you, we’re all about blending seamlessly with your local vibes to make every evening in Denver feel like a special event.

First off, can we talk about how your skyline just pops as the sun goes down? Those mountains in the backdrop, the skyscrapers catching the last rays of sunlight – it’s pure magic. And then there’s Larimer Square. Walking there at night, under those strings of lights, it’s like being part of a living postcard. And hey, shoutout to the Denver Zoo for turning the whole place into a glittering wonderland every winter. Total holiday goals!

We’ve also caught some unforgettable shows at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. The way they play with lighting? Genius. Makes us feel right at home.

Speaking of home, after you’re done taking in all of Denver’s nighttime beauty, we want to help you bring that magic right to your doorstep. Our lights aren’t just about brightness; they’re about setting the mood. Warm white LED for cozy evenings, a whole rainbow of colors for when you’re feeling festive, and yeah, we’ve got settings. Over 650, to be exact. But who’s counting? The point is, we want every Denver home to have its moment in the spotlight.

And hey, we know you’re busy. So we made sure our lights are easy to set up and manage. With our handy app, you can tweak, schedule, and play around to your heart’s content. Whether it’s a quiet night in or a backyard bash, we’ve got the lighting to match Denver’s pulse.

Cheers to making Denver even brighter, together!