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Watts Lights in Cochrane, Alberta

Welcome to Cochrane! Watts Lights is honoured to shine its radiant beacon across this picturesque town, harmonising effortlessly with Cochrane’s local luminous gems to curate the signature Watts Colourful Experience.

Nestled within the foothills of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, Cochrane stands as a testament to both natural splendour and community spirit. As dusk paints the sky, the town’s historic downtown, with its blend of classic storefronts and modern establishments, takes on a soft, welcoming glow, reminiscent of days gone by.

The iconic Cochrane Ranche Historic Site, a reflection of the town’s rich heritage, becomes even more evocative under the gentle caress of evening lights, inviting locals and visitors to wander its paths and soak in its stories. Seasonal events, like the ‘Christmas Lightup’ ceremony, illuminate Cochrane’s streets and parks, turning the town into a festive spectacle of warmth and celebration.

Beyond its urban pockets, Cochrane’s natural beauty is accentuated by strategic lighting, especially around landmark spots such as the Bow River and Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. These illuminations ensure residents can savour the area’s natural beauty, even under a starry canopy.

After revelling in Cochrane’s illuminated splendours, be it a cosy evening at a local café or a stroll along the riverbanks, let your home mirror the town’s warm glow with Watts Lights. Not just adornments, our lights are a marriage of luxurious warm white LED and a spectrum of 16 million colours, amplified by over 650 presets. As Cochrane radiates its unique charm, Watts Lights ensures every residence can shine with unmatched elegance.

Expertly designed to integrate into your soffit during daylight, our lights rise to prominence as night embraces Cochrane. With the state-of-the-art Watts app, you craft your own luminous story, designing moods and timetables that resonate with Cochrane’s glowing heart, always considerate of the town’s close-knit community.