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Watts Lights in Brandon, MB

Hello, Brandon! Watts Lights is eager to cast its gleaming embrace over the “Wheat City,” beautifully harmonizing with your local illuminations to curate the signature Watts Colorful Experience!

Brandon, set against the sprawling prairies of Manitoba, is a vibrant community rich in history and spirit. As evening descends, the city’s downtown, with its blend of historic and contemporary architectures, exudes a warm, welcoming glow. The Assiniboine River, which gracefully flows through Brandon, reflects the city’s lights, creating a serene and picturesque waterscape.

The Keystone Centre, a hub of entertainment and community events in the city, often comes alive with ingenious lighting designs, enhancing everything from fairs to performances, creating a beacon of activity and culture. As seasons transition, the annual ‘Winter Festival’ illuminates Brandon, turning parks and streets into glowing spectacles of festivity and warmth.

Beyond its urban heartbeat, Brandon’s cultural roots shine brilliantly. The Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, with its dynamic exhibitions, employs nuanced lighting to bring every artwork to vivid life, celebrating the region’s artistic spirit.

After immersing yourself in Brandon’s illuminated offerings, perhaps following an evening stroll through Princess Park or attending an event at the Westman Centennial Auditorium, let your home shimmer with the captivating brilliance of Watts Lights. Not just ornamental, our lights artfully combine a luxurious warm white LED with a spectrum of 16 million colors, enriched by over 650 presets. While Brandon boasts its own distinctive glow, Watts Lights ensures every residence can radiate with unparalleled elegance.

Skillfully designed to meld into your soffit during the daylight hours, our lights burst forth with luminance as nightfall graces Brandon. With the pioneering Watts app, as the prairie night sets in, you sculpt your own luminary spectacle, crafting moods and timetables that resonate with Brandon’s radiant essence, ever considerate of the community spirit.