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Watts Lights in Boise, Idaho

Hello, Boise! Watts Lights is thrilled to project its radiant aura over the “City of Trees,” seamlessly intertwining with your local luminous treasures to craft the distinctive Watts Colorful Experience!

Boise, nestled against the backdrop of the Boise Mountains, seamlessly merges urban progress with natural beauty. The downtown core, where historic buildings stand alongside modern edifices, exudes a warm glow as evening descends. The Boise River, which gracefully meanders through the city, reflects the twinkling lights of the cityscape, creating an enchanting dance of light and shadow.

The iconic Boise Depot, with its timeless architecture, becomes even more mesmerizing under the caress of evening lights, serving as a beacon of history and tradition. The city’s passion for art and culture is further illuminated during events like the ‘Treefort Music Fest’, where stages come alive with strategic lighting that enhances every performance, immersing attendees in an audio-visual feast.

Beyond its bustling urban heartbeat, Boise’s green spaces, particularly the expansive Kathryn Albertson Park, occasionally host nighttime events. Gentle pathway lighting ensures residents can appreciate nature’s serenity even under the starry canopy.

After reveling in Boise’s illuminated wonders, perhaps after a tranquil evening at the Idaho Botanical Garden or a vibrant event at the Morrison Center, let your home mirror the city’s luminous charm with Watts Lights. Not just lighting fixtures, they harmoniously fuse a luxurious warm white LED with a spectrum of 16 million colors, amplified by over 650 presets. While Boise radiates its unique luminescence, with Watts Lights, every home can become a shining emblem of elegance.

Artfully designed to integrate subtly into your soffit during the sunlit hours, our lights take center stage as night graces Boise. With the groundbreaking Watts app, as the Idaho night unfolds, you orchestrate a personalized light display, crafting atmospheres and schedules that harmonize with Boise’s glowing spirit, always keeping the community’s essence in mind.