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Watts Lights in Aurora, Colorado

Hello, Aurora! Watts Lights is invigorated to cast its luminous embrace over the “Gateway to the Rockies,” synchronizing with your local radiant treasures to craft the signature Watts Colorful Experience!

Aurora, set against the backdrop of majestic mountains and sprawling plains, exudes a unique blend of natural serenity and urban vibrancy. The Aurora Reservoir, with its expansive waters, offers a tranquil reflection of the city lights, creating a mesmerizing interplay between nature and man-made brilliance.

The city’s commitment to arts and culture shines bright, quite literally, at The People’s Building. Here, performances, art exhibitions, and community events are enhanced with intricate lighting, offering a sensory feast for both residents and visitors. As seasons transition, the annual ‘Festival of Lights’ in December illuminates Aurora with festive fervor, turning streets and homes into glowing spectacles of celebration.

Beyond its bustling urban pockets, Aurora’s many parks and open spaces, like the Cherry Creek State Park, often become venues for nighttime events. Soft lighting guides pathways, ensuring residents can enjoy the beauty of nature, even under the starlit sky.

After soaking in the illuminated allure of Aurora or perhaps attending a special night at the Southlands, an outdoor shopping district, let your home reflect the city’s radiant charm with Watts Lights. These aren’t mere fixtures; they’re an intricate blend of luxurious warm white LED and a palette of 16 million colors, magnified by over 650 presets. While Aurora flaunts its own signature glow, with Watts Lights, every abode can manifest its personal luminous magic.

Skillfully designed to integrate into your soffit by day, our lights emerge as the evening’s luminary heroes. With the trailblazing Watts app, as the Colorado night settles on Aurora, you’re in command of your own radiant narrative, setting moods and schedules that resonate with Aurora’s luminous heart, always considering the broader community.