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Watts Lights in Grande Prairie

Howdy, Grande Prairie pals and fellow light enthusiasts! Ready to see our beloved ‘Swan City’ in a whole new light? With Watts Lights on our side, we’re about to embark on a dazzling hometown adventure.

Ah, Grande Prairie! A place where community spirit shines as bright as the Northern Lights on a clear winter night. But have you ever strolled through Muskoseepi Park when the evening lights begin to play on the pond? It’s like the swans have their own enchanting spotlight.

And speaking of spotlights, imagine downtown Grande Prairie – our hub of hustle, bustle, and all things fun – glowing with an added vibrancy. From the heartwarming festivals at Revolution Place to the local hangouts that come alive at dusk, every corner has its own luminary tale.

Now, just for a moment, envision coming home after a day out – perhaps after catching a show at the Grande Prairie Live Theatre or cheering on the Storm at Revolution Place. As you step inside, you’re enveloped in a cascade of light that perfectly matches your mood, thanks to Watts Lights. Not just illumination, but an experience, tailored just for you. And with our nifty app, switching between a cozy evening glow and party vibes is a breeze.

So, Grande Prairie, let’s amp up our hometown pride and light up our nights! From Bear Creek trails to our own backyards, let’s make every evening a Grande Prairie spectacle.