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Watts Lights in Edmonton, Alberta

Hello, dear Edmontonians and fellow light lovers! Ready to light up our vibrant city with a little extra dazzle? With Watts Lights leading the way, let’s paint Edmonton in its most radiant colors.

Edmonton, graced by the winding North Saskatchewan River, seamlessly blends the pulse of city life with natural serenity. Take the Muttart Conservatory, for instance. Those iconic pyramids stand tall during the day and, as night falls, glow like jewels against the urban backdrop.

Ah, Whyte Avenue! With its storied past, eclectic spirit, and bustling evenings, it’s a true Edmonton gem. Picture it under a canopy of twinkling lights, turning every street musician’s tune and café chatter into a magical experience.

Now, let’s talk Oilers. The heart and soul of many an Edmontonian, the Oilers light up Rogers Place with energy every game night. And with Watts Lights, you can bring that game-night fervor right to your doorstep! Imagine setting your home lights to the Oilers’ signature blue, orange, and white, turning every match into a neighborhood celebration. Whether they’re playing at home or away, with our easy-to-use app, your home can echo the team’s spirit, making game nights extra special.

And it’s not just about hockey. The vast expanse of the River Valley, bathed in gentle illumination, becomes a peaceful haven in the city’s heart. With Watts Lights, every Edmonton home can radiate warmth, from cozy winter nights to sun-soaked summer evenings.

So, fellow Edmontonians, let’s unite in light and pride. From the iconic High Level Bridge to our very living rooms, let’s ensure Edmonton shines brightly every day and especially on game nights.