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Watts in Fortworth, Texas

Hello, Fort Worth! Watts Lights is delighted to cast its radiant glow over the “City of Cowboys and Culture”, intertwining with your local lighting wonders to create the ultimate Watts Colorful Experience!

The character of Fort Worth is evident in Sundance Square, its pulsing heart, where festooned lights drape overhead, casting a whimsical glow on evening onlookers. And the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra? Their performances are often elevated by intricate lighting designs, making each show a mesmerizing audio-visual experience.

As the sun dips and stars emerge, Fort Worth unveils its luminous side. The annual ‘Parade of Lights’ held downtown, for instance, sees the city adorned with thousands of lights, heralding the holiday season with a sparkling fiesta. It’s an enchanting sight, with floats and displays, each more brilliant than the last.

Beyond rodeos and cowboy boots, the Cultural District comes alive after dark. Renowned establishments like the Kimbell Art Museum and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth often use strategic lighting to accentuate their architectural brilliance and the masterpieces within.

After basking in the city’s illuminated wonders or perhaps a TCU Horned Frogs’ night game under the stadium lights, step into the embracing glow of Watts Lights at home. These aren’t your ordinary lights; they’re a marriage of luxurious warm white LED and a vast palette of 16 million colors, defined by over 650 presets. While Fort Worth has its iconic lighting spectacles, we believe every home deserves its personalized lighting festival.

Our lights are subtly integrated into your soffit, maintaining discretion during the day. With the innovative Watts app, you not only control but also become a maestro of light, orchestrating schedules, brightness levels, and atmospheres that resonate with Fort Worth’s illustrious luminescence. Always radiant, and always neighbor-friendly.