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We are changing the way The World thinks of holiday lighting and how they celebrate

Join the Watts Field Services (WFS) team today. We are on boarding dealers all over North America! You have the opportunity to get in early with fastest growing, up and coming permanent holiday lighting business in North America. We are looking for business owners in your area, so sign up today.


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Watts delivers exceptional products and services around the world

Watts is a technology company that has developed its own software customized to optimize your ability to run your business. This software is designed to help keep everything organized so that you can focus on maximizing your ability to generate revenue.

Run your business, with ease

We did all of the hard work for you. Don't worry about manufacturing, don't worry about how you are going to keep track of your customers, workorders, payments, service, estimates, etc. We have it all ready to go in one easy to use bundle!


Watts Field Services is a platform that is designed to ensure you are successful. Similar to a franchise each Dealer will be given the tools, training and ongoing support. Leveraging our digital marketing skills you will find yourself as busy as you want to be.

Watts not only provides all of the software to best manage your business, but we also offer all other services you may require. In most areas, we also offer free bonus marketing budgets with each package so that you aren't stuck trying to find good, qualified customers looking for our product in your area.


Our application is easy to install and use. Our customers enjoy the ease of use and customizable features. but, it doesn't stop here we are developing future versions of our app as we speak and will periodically update and push new ideas for all our past and future customers to use.

WHY Watts Field Services

A different approach, using a new method of manufacturing.

Our ability to scale and meet the demand has set us apart from all and we will continuously improve to serve this growing market through out north America.


Get started with Watts for a small commitment that anyone can afford.

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