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Watts is proud to be serving the Edmonton area!

Smart Permanent Christmas, Holiday and Landscaping Lighting

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Monday - Friday - 8:00 am : 5:00 pm
Closed on Weekends & Holidays

Watts is happy to be serving the Edmonton area

Hey Edmonton! Let us know if you would like to see Watts Lights in your area in the near future. Kindly take a moment to complete the form below. We promise it will be worth it as we will be offering introductory rates so be sure to sign up so you can be in the know!

Edmonton, known as the largest northern metropolis in North America and a gateway to Canada's boreal landscapes. Edmonton is also one of Canada's sunniest cities which is always welcomed during the winter months!

Edmonton is home to the Edmonton Oilers, NHL Franchise team where the great Wayne Gretzky played, and the birthplace of Mark Messier who is another famous NHL hockey player.

Watts Lights would be a perfect fir for Edmonton's love for hockey! Use Watts LED App-controlled to show your support for the Edmonton Oilers by setting your Watts Lights to Orange and Blue during the hockey season. You can show your support of any sporting team even its, not the Edmonton Oilers, your secret is safe with Watts!

Watts Lights can also be installed at the back of your home for an added architectural flair to your home's general curb appeal.

Light pollution awareness is of utmost importance to Watts Lights and that is why our state of the art app has the ability to set a timer on your Watts permanent LED Lighting system so they turn on only when you want them to (i.e.. off during the day and on at night). This is also a great tool if you are away on a family vacation as these lights will turn on in the evening and offer security to your home. Watts Lights app also allows you to dim your lights to your desired brightness to avoid light pollution and to be respectful of your fellow neighbors.

So sign up below to be notified when Watts Lights will be in Edmonton, Alberta to receive introductory rates!



Watts Lights are not just permanent Christmas or Holiday lights. Our lights are designed with a luxurious warm white LED to help create an architectural enhancement to your home while also enhancing safety on your property, all year round!

Our custom manufactured lighting track is specially designed to blend into your roof-line and creates a nearly invisible look when the lights are off. Our state-of-the-art controller and app give you detailed control of your lights, with the least effort.

Smart Permanent LED Lights For Your Home